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Clean views...

Beautiful bright clear views... Georgian Bay sunsets, starry night skies...

With over a decade of window cleaning experience, and more than 20 years of business management, you can trust Ledge to provide thorough, quality work at your home, cottage or business. We don't just clean your glass, we can clean the whole window, frames, sills, ledges, & screens, using modern, safe, eco friendly solutions.
Contact us to schedule a service to your mainland, waterfront or island property (yes, we service water access locations).
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Ledge...ndary Service

Cleaning and property maintenance aren't exactly something "legendary", but we strive to take our service quality to the edge and over the Ledge. We are satisfied, when you are satisfied.
Clean Windows

Smarter, Safer

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows has come a long way. When possible, Ledge Window Cleaning uses a reverse osmosis & deionization, purified water cleaning system, that will leave your windows looking fantastic, AND it's safer, for everyone. No chemicals or detergents...

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Clean Solar Panels

Clean Power

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty solar panels equal reduced output and inefficiency. Did you know it's best not to use any cleaning agents on your solar panels...

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Clean Gutters

Avoid Damages

Eavestrough Cleaning

Ideally, your gutters should be cleared at least once a year. Prevent costly problems, contact us to take care of this for you...

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Wash Eavestrough

Amazing Improvement

Eavestrough Whitening

Gutters looking dirty? We can get them back nice & clean, contact us to take care of this for you...

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Why Use Deionized Water For Window Cleaning?

Pure Water Window Cleaning

- A revolutionary way to clean windows! -

What is deionized water? Deionized water is water that has been run through a filtration system that removes nearly 100% of all elements other than the hydrogen and oxygen that form a water molecule. Essentially, it is completely pure water, nothing else, with a purity degree 4 times higher than that of distilled water.

Regular tap or well water is full of minerals that leave deposits on your windows, leaving a film that may be barely noticeable while your windows are wet, yet, when dry, leaves your glass foggy.

Cleaning windows with deionized water pulls in other minerals and elements, like those found in dirt and contaminants. Since most of its mineral content has been removed via the filtration process, it’s very “hungry” to acquire other components. It aggressively tries to compensate the loss of its ions by pulling them away from its surroundings. Because of its ability to easily remove “gunk,” it makes a great cleaning method for many surfaces such as windows, mirrors, solar panels, and more. With it's lack of minerals, it leaves behind no residue, spots, or stains. Thus there is no need to squeegee or dry the glass after rinsing, as it dries naturally to a crystal-clear shine, streak free.

- Environmentally Friendly -

Only having been filtered to remove ions, deionized water is a natural product. No chemicals, no detergents, no soapy runoff, nothing added, just pure water! Non-biodegradable and toxic chemicals pollute and persist in our environment, where they enter the food chain and cause harm to aquatic life. Detergent phosphates can upset the balance of nutrients in streams and marshlands. When it comes to cleaning, deionized water is much more efficient than traditional methods. It’s environmentally friendly, making it one of the most noteworthy new trends in green cleaning.

- Safer -

This method of window cleaning is accomplished by a "Water Fed Pole" system. With our purified water, we wet-brush the glass as well as the frames and ledges, removing all dirt and build-up. We then rinse thoroughly, leaving the glass completely clean and clear, as well as nice clean frames and ledges. This can all be accomplished from the ground, greatly reducing or eliminating the need for ladders. And with only using pure water, it is safer for your plants, pets and children.

AKA "Gutter Cleaning"

Eavestrough Cleaning

Clear eavestroughs and downpipes channel rain and snow melt away from your home. Blocked gutters and downpipes do not allow the water to flow as intended, which can lead to serious and costly problems.
We recommend having your eavestroughs cleaned twice a year, spring and fall. But, if your home isn’t next to any tall trees, you can probably get away with cleaning gutters just once a year. In this case, make it late fall.
Clean Eavestrough
Clean Gutters
Overflowing Gutter
Solar Panel Cleaning

Maximize Output, Maintain Efficiency

Soap isn’t the answer here...

Soaps tend to leave a film or residue that reduces solar panels effectiveness, just like the dirt that was just washed off. Soaps can also encourage dirt to stick and build up faster. We use deionized water through our water-fed poles & brush system to clean off any dirt, build up & bird droppings. This is the best way to leave your solar panels with a clear spot-free shine.

Some LEDGE Work

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LEDGE Window Cleaning

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